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10:06 p.m. - February 01, 2006
Happy, Happy, Happy
So, you know it's one of our parental rights to brag about our children right? Well, that's what I'm here to do. O brought home a straight A report card yesterday. We pretty much knew that she was going to, but to see it on paper is totally different. She brought her math up from a D to an A in 2 quarters. M got all 3's except for one 2, it's seems that he's a chatty Cathy. He has much improved since 3rd grade for which I am so thankful. One more person I absolutely have to brag about is my niece Amanda; she called me today, which she never does, to tell me that she's been accepted to Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt people, how cool is that. She'll finish up the year at her current college then start her masters in pediatric nursing. Her Papa would be proud:) I'm also going to be a great aunt. We're not so proud of that but we support them. I love my nephew dearly, but I wish he'd do something with his life. Pray for him and his fiance' that they get it together before the baby comes in August.

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